Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matt Jones with his daughter Sophie at their home in Eastcote outside London.
Nelson Trent's encounter with one of the Queen's Horse Guards. Nelson said something about: You bite me and you'll be sorry. Evidently, the horse took him seriously.

The Horse Guards still stand duty. Their is nearly a mile from the palace. Between here and there was once the palace grounds. It is now St. James Park.

This and the next frame: Changing of the guard.

A touch of Old London ... and the new.

Nelson Trent and Wahokia ... two children of the '60s ....

My friend Mike Collingdon will comment on my going all the way to London and taking photographs of a goose and a squirrel.

I hope this makes up for the pear, Mike.

The back gate of Buckingham Palace. This area was filled with flowers following the death of Princess Diana.

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