Sunday, January 18, 2009

Harriet Jones — part of the Cambridge church worship team — sings as the team begins the service that says goodbye to two-year, interim pastor Jim Riddell and welcomes new pastor Jay Smith.

Children of the church pass by Jim Riddell, center, and Jay Smith, right, and say "Shalom" to each. The word means "peace" and is used as both a farewell and a greeting.

Stephanie Layton, minister to children, watches as the children pass by Riddell and Smith.

Riddell prays for Smith and the Cambridge congregation in their new relationship.

Jim Riddell, right, gives the symbols of the pastoral office to Jay Smith and formally passes the responsibility for leading the church to him.

Smith with the symbols of Cambridge's pastoral office in hand.

The new pastor and his people begin their relationship by celebrating communion.

Jay Smith ends the service with communion and begins his tenure as pastor.

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