Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jenine and Bow Bear at the Daily Grind Friday afternoon.

A new band, the Hullabaloos, perform together for the first time Friday evening at the Daily Grind.

The band quickly had the audience with them, singing covers from the '60s and '70s.

The Hullabaloos are composed of some of the finest musicians on the Richmond music scene. It is well worth attending one of their concerts.

Harry Gore is one of the best known musicians in the Richmond music scene. His vocals and guitar solos are incredible.

Rolfe Trimble is one of the best vocalists in the Richmond area. He and Harry form the core of the Hullabaloos.

I look forward to hearing this band as it continues to evolve. They played some of their tunes this evening for the first time together. 

Rolfe interacts with the audience and encourages them to  sing along.

Good friend Chris Branch—another Richmond musician—sits in with the band for one number.

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Anonymous said...

I loved singing with Rolfe, Jerry, and Roger in LondonBridge good ole days! LadyJ