Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shawn, left, and Kenny await their baptism at Cambridge church this morning.

Hunter was the third young man to be baptized today.

Win Davis, right, pastor for youth, with Shawn in the baptismal pool. Davis baptized all three during the morning worship service. 

Members of the congregation congratulate Hunter, center, Kenny, far right, and Shawn, near right, after the service.

Short Pump, Virginia

We almost lost our dog Sadie, center, this evening. During the Super Bowl she went into our backyard. When she didn't return for an extended time, I went looking for her. She had gotten into our recycling. When I found her with her head in cereal box, its a plastic liner tightly around her head. She was collapsed on the ground, unable to move and breathing heavily. Shawn, left, Ferris and Alison comfort Sadie after her ordeal.

Short Pump, Virginia
Saturday, January 31
It has been a while since I photographed Jenine. Today she greets us for Saturday morning breakfast at the Daily Grind.

Ten-month-old Jordan makes the rounds of the tables with her mother Saturday morning at the Daily Grind.

Mechanicsville, Virginia

Dorrie Steinberg hosted a dinner party at her home north of Richmond. The painting above the mantel is by her husband Paul, one of the artists who exhibit at the Daily Grind.

Paul and Dorrie set up pictures and video of the village in Russia their adopted children come from. The have adopted three siblings, a boy and two girls.

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