Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jerry, an artist who makes tables by forming cement, coloring it and inlaying designs, is displaying one of his creations at the Daily Grind.

"Chicago" Cy Taggart was the solo act at the Daily Grind this evening. His broad repertoire, excellent playing and unique arrangements of standard songs from several different genre made for a wonderful evening.

Painter Paul Steinberg was part of the packed house who enjoyed Taggart's performance. One of Steinberg's paintings hangs to the left.

Betty, a friend I once worked with, also came out for the concert.

Dianne, right, with Dick Martin, one of my college roommates from Maryland, stopped to see us on the first  leg of a trip that will take him through six states in 19 days, seeing 31 friends, classmates and family.

Jenine as Sadie.

Jenine with her mother Alison during Taggart's performance.

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