Sunday, November 29, 2009

Short Pump & Midlothian, Virginia
Short Pump
Copperas Creek

Sadie says goodbye to her buddy Casey. He and Sherianne leave this morning to return to Memphis. One winter holiday down and the advent of another begins.

Cambridge Church

The next holiday is a less than three weeks away. Don lights some of the candles that decorate Cambridge church for Christmas.

The first Advent candle is lit. Another will be lit each Sunday the four weeks preceding Christmas. A fifth will be lit Christmas Day.

Pastor Jay Smith explains the different symbols on the Christmas tree to the children of the church.

The Tusing women — left to right: Terry and her daughters, Megan and Hannah — explain the meaning of the nativity scene symbolizing the birth of Christ.

Al Hodges delivers the sermon this morning. He and his wife served as missionaries in Africa for 23 years.

I love Harriet's hair. 


Grandnieces Olivia, left, and Angel, right, watch Christmas lights come on and the inflatable Santa Claus and Snowman come to life with their friend Morgan, center.

Angel proudly sports a red bandaid to cover her scratched nose.

Copperas Creek

Christmas lights begin to appear on houses along Copperas Creek.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8

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