Thursday, November 12, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia
Short Pump Town Center

The Apple Store dresses for Christmas with an iPhone app tree. It's really pretty cool with app icons mixed with traditional Christmas symbols.

A rainy afternoon brings people out of the wet and cold into the warmth and fantasy of Apple computers.

Nearby Sandhu waits for customers in Vellano Luggage, his shop in Short Pump Town Center. He's an American citizen from Punjab. His mother is in her 80s and still in Northern India. She lives within a couple of hours the Golden Temple where Indian troops under orders from Indira Ganhdi killed nearly 500 Sikh citizens in 1984. The attack was launched in response to deteriorating order in the region. Gandhi was later assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.

Copperas Creek

Sadie and Toby enjoy one of the first fires of the season along Copperas Creek.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8


shooting star said...

like the laptop pic
some facts though...indian troops did not attack golden temple...
the golden temple was seized by terrorists, who called themselves freedom fighers(predictably!!) and had seized the golden temple inside which around a lot of innocent pilgrims were imprisoned.
To make the matters worse, one of the masterminds of the terrorists was a ex army man who had fortified the temple into war zone...and all attempts by local police were met with extreme hostility
it was when all options were exhausted that indian military were called in to rescue the pilgrims inside and what ensued was a rescue operation (called operation bluestar) by the troops.....
if u are interested to know how and what led to operation bluestar and what actually happened, you can read this book "Operation bluestar" by Brigader Batra who led the operation
The late prime minister indira gandhi may have done lot of mistakes regarding her policy on sikhs but her decision to rescue the temple was certainly a right decision!!

Wahokia said...

Thanks, Blue Star. I appreciate your insights.