Monday, January 25, 2010

Brno, Czech Republic

Today is partially a down day for us. We get some rest, don't gather until 10:30 a.m. and spend the morning in downtown Brno. It is the second largest city in the country and the university town. It is again bitter cold so we don't spend much time outside, but scuttle between the car and a restaurant.

We find a restaurant in a cellar which has a Medieval theme. Ryan, who is functioning as our grip on this trip, is lit by the candles scattered across the rough wooden tables.

The men's room is the last place I expect to find a guillotine. I'm told they weren't installed in the women's room ... interesting.

Candles light the way along the dark passageway in and out of the restaurant.

Severa clowns at the beginning of her interview. The video lights and camera bring out the imp in her. She says she could be the Deaf Vanna White or model for the Price is Right ...

... I first photographed Severa in 2007 at a conference. She doesn't remember it. The image got a lot of play, but shortly after the conference she left for Prague. This is the first she has seen it.

Martin, right, is the hearing son of Deaf parents we interviewed earlier in another city. As such he lives in both the Deaf and hearing worlds, belonging fully to neither, he says. He is completing a masters in English at Masarykova University, the premiere university in the Czech Republic. Fluent in English, Czech sign and his native Czech, it is from him I learn that the "meat of the forest" I had from the menu of a restaurant the other day is wild boar.

Mike, left, Lee, right, and I are a multimedia team. Mike is the writer, Lee the videographer and I the photographer. Late this evening we set up for one more interview in a Czech apartment.
Except for the 2007 image all are photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II

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