Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic

It is our last day in Prague and Mike bundles against the cold as we wait for a tram to carry us into the center city.

The day offers a windchill of -12 degrees Fahrenheit. It will warn later in the day. But for now, it is brisk. Cheeks and fingers soon begin to sting with cold.

Not many people are on the streets as we walk from the tram to breakfast.

The last of our assignments is to photograph Linka as she teaches sign to hearing students ...

...there is only one today, an advanced student. Linka's instruction mixes video and demonstation, stopping the video to analyze the intricacies of a sign or movement through a series of signs ... 

... the student following Linka in a dance that imitates her every move. The session is the last piece in our story coverage and brings our assignment to a close.

The day ends walking through old town, buying gifts and trinkets. Mike examines a matryoshka or nesting doll — like the one he knocked over our first night in Prague (see earlier post) —for his daughter. Generally five to seven — sometimes as many as 20 — dolls nest within the largest doll. 
Photographs taken with a Canon 5D Mark II

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mody said...

Bill, you have some very nice images in here. I marvel at the diversity in the images. I struggle with this. Nice wides. Nice close-ups.