Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gayton & Short Pump, Virginia
Cambridge Church

Members of Cambridge church lay hands on Carolyn, center, and Randy, in front of her, commissioning them for special service this summer on Virginia's Northern Neck.

Orville, with saxophone, joins the praise team this morning. He was a member years ago before moving to South Africa, then Texas, for several years. He and his wife are visiting for a week.
Photographed by guest photographer Win Davis

It is Pentacost Sunday — the day marking the beginning of the Christian church — and Pastor Jay Smith preaches. It was on this day when Jesus' disciples, gathering after his death and resurrection, began speaking different languages so that  men and women of all nations could understand them. Many joined the infant church that day. From then on believers began gathering in groups like Cambridge, which were eventually called churches.

Short Pump
A dog day afternoon

It is a dog day afternoon. Toby, foreground, and Sadie, rear, decide Dianne's lap is as good a place as any to while away the afternoon along Copperas Creek ...

... a dachshund pays a visit to the Daily Grind and waits for his owner to rejoin him on the patio ...

... while a young German shepherd down the street from the Grind at an ice cream store baulks at all the strange people he has to pass. It is the first time he has been on a lease in public   ...

... and Sadie gives up all hope that there is any chance of my going to bed early until I post to this blog.
All photographs taken with a Canon 5D Mark II

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