Friday, May 28, 2010

Short Pump, Virginia
Open Mic
Daily Grind

It is open mic night again at the Daily Grind with returning and first-time performers. Astro Boy (drum) and Vagrant Moon (guitar) return with an eclectic country beat.

Amanda Binder is one whose performance improves with each appearance. This time she adds an electric cello to her act.

Jerry Laverty was one of the first artists to perform at the Grind three years ago. It is good to see him back ...

... and hear his solid guitar, vocals and harmonica again.

Sarah writes her own music. Like Sarah, her performances improve with each outing.

It is a harmonica night. Donald Cole brings his out. It is good to see him. He also is one of the first performers at the Grind.

Mike has performed on stage in musical for decades and has the largest voice of any of the Grind performers. He easily fills the room.

The driving rhythms of Chis Branch finish the evening.

Yours truly photographed by a fellow photographer who grabs my camera for a quick shot.
This photograph by Modibo Jalo
All images taken with a Canon 5D Mark II

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