Saturday, November 15, 2008


Jon Ramsey plays on Carey Street about once a week for fun and a couple of extra dollars. Usually he plays in various clubs around town and enjoys open mike sessions.

Short Pump

Paul Steinberg surprised us with a painting of our older daughter.  His work is wonderful and we're delighted to now have an example his work in our house ... and because it's our daughter makes it even better! A detail of the painting is below.

The painting is from a photograph I took at Pope's Creek, George Washington was born place. I like the sense that Paul and I collaborated on this, Paul adding a nuance that I could never achieve with my photography.

Debut Concert, Daily Grind

Joyce Layton learns what happens when you mess with a photographer during a Donald Cole concert.

Shawn Jarrar takes in he artistry of Donald Cole as he waits for his debut as a performer.

Shawn Jarrar in his debut performance with Donald Cole and Paul Steinberg.

Shawn, Donald and Paul in concert. It was a night of debuts — Shawn's first and a passage of 25 years since Paul's last performed. Both were excellent.

Above and below, Donald and Paul jam together.

Above and below, Shawn and Tevor Dickerson work on cords and lyrics for future performances.

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