Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day and Fall Color

Rain greeted those turning out for national elections today. Crowds lined out the doors in the early hours at polling stations, then dissipated to a steady stream of voters throughout the rest of the day.

It is a disappointing backdrop for an election. Today and tomorrow it will rain. The color should be at its peak. We should have blue, northern skies — not rain and flat light — to set it off. The stage should be grand. 

But it is not to  be. Rain is a veil. Peer behind it. The view is still spectacular.

Then rain tonight and tomorrow will pull leaves from branches, stripping trees to an economy of their splendor.

By the end of the rain, we will need to look elsewhere ... to the ground for a spectacular carpet. 

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humanobserver said...

Thank you very much for sharing these fotos with us.....