Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More fall color

Three Chopt Road drops off the top of this hill then winds its way into the bottoms of Deep Run Creek. First an Indian trail, later one of the early colonial roads, Thomas Jefferson later followed it when he rode from Monticello, his home outside Charlottesville 50 miles the west, to the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, 40 miles to the east. Back then at its best, it was no wider than two wagons. There are trees on the hill and in the bottoms that were here when Jefferson was alive. I often wonder what the great man thought as he rode along this route, how many phrases were turned that later found their way into the founding documents of our nation.

When we moved onto Copperas Creek 13 years ago, this walnut was little more than a sapling. I almost cut it down, but hesitated. Now it towers above and and accents the house in gold each fall and its nuts supply food for the yard squirrels in the hardest season.

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