Thursday, December 10, 2009

Harveys Creek, Kilmarnock, White Stone & Short Pump, Virginia
Harveys Creek

Light begins to spill across Harveys Creek and the day begins.

Ken points out the beginnings of the new day from his front yard.

Clouds moving through promise clearing and warmth later in the day.

Media professionals gather at Crab Cove farmhouse to review and celebrate work done this past year.

Anita demonstrates the editing process.

The sun bathes Matt in warm afternoon light. The day delivers clear skies and warmth as promised ...
Photograph taken by guest blogger Mobido Jalo

... drawing people outside for hikes, kayaking, a drive or just enjoying the scenery. Julianne signals her enjoyment.
Photograph taken by guest blogger Modibo Jalo

Ken at the end of the day.


Late afternoon light highlights the new green of winter ground cover at Bondfield Farm. The farm was established in 1806 near Kilmarnock.

Sweet light illuminates a building in downtown Kilmarnock. When the sun dipped behind the buildings along Main Street the temperature dropped noticeably by several degrees.

White Stone

Sunset from the top of the Rappahannock River bridge near White Stone.

West Point

Crossing the Mattaponi River into West Point, the remainder of today's light silhouettes the paper mill that dominates the town.

Short Pump

Finally home with Dianne and Sadie. There is fire in the fireplace warming the house from a cold fall night.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8

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Beautiful pic of Dianne.