Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia

Ken, left, and Barb, right, up from the "Rivah" for a little shopping and lunch at Emlio's, a great little Spanish place new to our area ...

... which includes tapas highlighted by flaming choriso and Paella de Mariscos ... 

... and a chance for Ken, right, and I — two old bulls — to reminisce a few days before my birthday. Some our best assignments as journalists have been together.*
*Photographed with an Apple iPhone by guest blogger Barbara

Daily Grind

Checking in with life at the Grind after being gone 10 days. Farris received a book on magic this Christmas. Today he put on a mustache to go with the book and later ...

... showed us a trick. The cards fly out in spectacular fashion, but just end up scattered across the floor. As a trick it needs a little work and has a ways to go. 

Jenine is always a force to reckon with. It's surprising how intimating a string and a borrowed hat can be in her hands.

Jenine is still practicing Sherianne's "wither" look. For comparison with the master, see ...

... Sherianne, right, throwing one on Christmas Day. Mind you, on a scale of ten — ten being the most devastating — the one above is a three!
Most photographs taken with a Leica M8

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