Saturday, December 12, 2009

Short Pump & Tuckahoe, Virginia
Short Pump
Daily Grind

This morning students from Richmond Piano's Music Education Center hold a recital for customers at the Daily Grind. Families, including sisters, above, show up for it.*

Jonathan plays a piece he knows by heart, followed ...*

... by his brother David, who also plays from memory.*

Mary, above, and her brother Sam also play ... she on the piano ...*

... Sam on the guitar. Their mother listens with pride.*

West End Assembly Church

Each Christmas season West End Assembly puts on a musical centered around the Christmas story with a cast of 100s and live animals ...**

... every year a different play is performed, but one thing never changes: Actresses lowered by cable from the ceiling fly like angels across the auditorium for spectacular effect.**

Short Pump
Daily Grind

A Christmas party is held at the Daily Grind. Many who attend are regulars. We talk, share a meal, listen to a concert and sing carols.*

Edna, who know the second, third and fourth verses of most of carols plus "O Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin ...*

... and Jenine — sitting primly during a rare sedate moment — are there ...*

... as is Alison, right, with Edna.*

Susan Hayes of the Hayes Brown group — regular performers at the Grind — sings, plays the keyboards and leads the party in Christmas Carols ...*

... while her partner David Brown, left, accompanies Jenine, center, on a solo. Shannon, right, stands by offering Jenine her silent support.*
*Photographs taken with a Leica M8
**Photographs taken with an Apple iPhone

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