Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chicago, Illinois

Reflections inside droplet-shaped, polished steel sculpture at Chicago's Millennial Park merge and blend elements of the surrounding city, people coming and going, and those viewing it into a fantasia of distortion. It ... 

... brings out the child in the adult and the adult ...

... in the child. The 110 ton, three story piece by Anish Kapoor called the Cloud Gate — locally known as "The Bean" — has become the most visited sculpture in the city.

Jennifer is surprised to find an establishment whose sign bears remarkable resemblance.

Along Ontario Street is a namesake for one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond. When Nic sees this I won't be surprised to find him putting out tables on on Broad Street.

End of a long day, celebrated by the nighttime skyline of Chicago.
Photographs taken with a Canon 5D Mark II

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