Friday, August 07, 2009

Arlington & Short Pump, Virginia


Toby waits for Dianne on the lawn of Sunrise Assisted Living, Arlington. It is one of the facilities she serves as a nurse consultant.*

Short Pump

Jenine has found that advantages come with missing a front tooth. The space makes spitting a whole new experience.**

Alyona — young photographer with an old camera — will be taking a photography class in high school this year. She is required to have a film camera. She will learn to develop and print the film she shoots. This evening she is shooting her second roll of film with her Canon F-1. It is pleasing to see her with it. I carried a couple of F-1s for a number of years. Hers is in much better shape than mine. After years of use mine are brassy and beat up.*

A.C. is at the Daily Grind with his parents for the concert tonight.**

Conshafter, a Richmond alternative rock band, performs this evening at the Daily Grind. The band got it's name from a member of the crew two of the band members rowed with at the University of North Carolina. Left to right: Dave Cykert, lead guitar, Austin Tevis, drums, Chris Konstantinos, lead vocals, and Sarah McCalla, bass and backing vocals.*

Sarah also at the Grind as a very popular barista. She makes an incredible cappucino. In a few weeks she leaves for New York University to begin studies as a music business major.**

Lead singer Chris during the concert.**

One more photograph of Sarah. She will be missed by Sam, patrons and co-workers at the Grind, as well as the band. Dave says, "You just don't replace Sarah." Without question, everyone agrees.**
*Photographs with a Leica M8
**Photographs with a Canon 5D Mark II

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