Monday, August 10, 2009

Richmond & Short Pump, Virginia


Lyellen and Isaac visit their father at work.*

Short Pump

A self portrait of Dianne and I taken at home on Copperas Creek.**
*Photograph taken with a Leica M8
**Photograph taken with a Canon 5D Mark II


Anonymous said...

Come on Bill - you are an editor - "Diane and I" you know that isn't right, can't get my son to say it right either! Guess my UCLA English degree haunts me still! I think that is what happened to my first marriage - too many grammar corrections!

Let's get Ken on twitter - challenge!

exposemaximum said...

perfect both the images :)

Wahokia said...

You caught me. Now I'll have to leave it. I usually do a morning edit to see what gaffs I did the previous night!

Carina Felice said...

Wahokia, thanks for linking my blog, its nice to meet you!
We see us again, you are welcome in "my Lens" everytime you want!
I like your photos!:)


Beverly said...

nice looking couple...