Sunday, August 23, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia

Liam makes sure his baby gets all the attention his little sister Harper does. Shortly after she was born earlier this year, Liam began doing for this baby what his mother does for his little sister.

Harper, left, responds to Price, right, her father. Cindy, above, is keeping the nursery at Cambridge church this morning.

A message from Pastor Jay Smith is part of Sunday worship service at Cambridge church .

Somewhere is the midst of the huddle is Erin. She grew up at Cambridge and graduated high school this spring. She will work at an orphanage in Central America the next three months before beginning university studies in the spring. Members of the church gather around her to pledge their support and pray for her.

When the huddle dissolves, Erin receives final words from Win Davis, minister to youth and young adults.

Pastor Jay Smith, right, comforts a neighbor having a difficult time.

Shawn works on an online orientation course for his college. Another recent high school graduate, he begins freshman classes tomorrow.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8

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