Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memphis & Jackson, Tennessee

Shannon doesn't want me to post a photo of her with her hair not done, so she hides behind Brian on my last morning in Memphis. This image is approved because she is hidden ... like an ostrich!


Journalism and photojournalism students from Union University gather at the home of Dr. Michael Chute, far right, for dinner. Tomorrow begins a collegiate journalism webinar hosted at the West Tennessee school which will be streamed to colleges and universities across the country.

Michael and worked together for several years. He was director of editorial and I director of photography at an agency. A favorite memory is sitting on this porch with him eating a leisurely breakfast soon after he moved into this house.

Jim Veneman goes over the schedule for the webinar tomorrow.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8


Neisha said...

Was it purple shirt day at Union or at Dr. Chute's house? :) Prof's and students in purple...peculiar.

Stanley Leary said...

Shannon looks so much like she did 20 years ago. She needs to be like Brian who has embraced his bad hair days.