Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Short Pump & Richmond, Virginia

Short Pump

Grace, left, and George, right — "Like Gracie and George Burns," says George — met and married during World War II. They've been together for 67 years. Tonight it's for dinner at the Grapevine Restaurant.

Jenny is a delight ... and our server for the evening at the Grapevine.


Earlier in the day I tried taking a simple PR photograph of these two fellows. They were stiff and tight, one clutching his hands in front of him the other behind. When I said, "You guys talk with your hands, don't you?" this is the reaction I got. Relaxed photos followed.
Photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II

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shooting star said...

married for 67 years!!!!...man am like younger in age than the time thye have been married...and being married close to two years now...i wonder when two people are together so long....so they rediscover each other every couple of years...or they become so used to each other that they cant live with anyone else!!!