Saturday, October 03, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia

Daily Grind

Portrait of Dianne, left, and Jenine, right, at the Daily Grind.
By guest blogger Alyona Steinberg

Cooperas Creek

Harvest Moon over Copperas Creek —though it seems a little strange today to call October's moon a "harvest" moon. While this area was once part of a working farm, the only harvest we have around here now is crabgrass, dandelions and an occasional tomato. My grandfather told stories of harvesting corn well after dark to the light of this moon. When he began farming, it was with horses. Native Americans and Colonials called it the Hunter's Moon, Druids the Blood Moon. Whatever the name it has to do with gathering enough to survive the coming winter.
Taken with a Canon EOS-1 Mark III

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