Monday, February 08, 2010

Birmingham, Alabama

We are in Birmingham making final plans for a professional communicators meeting in Chicago this Spring. Jennifer, above, is the current president of the organization. She says that one of her disappointments as president is the few times she has been able to use the gavel.

After meeting all day dinner this evening is with Mark, above, and Jennifer. He and I have shared experiences — including working as a media team doing good work in difficult situations. He explains to Jennifer that now is the moment when he supposed to pretend that he doesn't see me raising the camera. It's the small things a writer can do for a photographer that make the difference in their relationship.

Jennifer, left, is the current president of the organization. I am, right, president elect. There is one obvious thing I will carry from her tenure into mine: No lack of attitude.
Photographed by guest blogger Mark Kelly
All images taken with a Leica M8

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Anonymous said...

If you are still in Birmingham please stop off at Milo's and eat a cheeseburger for us!!! Everyone there knows where a Milo's is located. Joe & Danita