Saturday, February 06, 2010

Short Pump, Virginia
Daily Grind

Farris reads in the front window of the Daily Grind as the third major snowstorm of the season softly sifts the morning.*

The Jeep collects its share of the powdery stuff.*

Jim measures snow in the bed of his pickup truck. Today we add 5 inches to that which fell since the storm began yesterday morning.*

Copperas Creek

In spite of rain, sleet and snow Dianne discovers that the U.S. Postal Service continues on its rounds.*

The trees along Copperas Creek are burdened with snow ...*

... and the feeders have an increase in visitors.**


Snow removal arrives just as dinner hour begins at the Grapevine. Cars pull into spaces the plow has just cleared ...*

... as Chef Michael serves tables. Just as snow makes it difficult for diners, employees have a hard time reporting to work.*

Icicles grace the lights along the roofline outside the Grapevine.*
*Photographed with a Leica M8
**Photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II

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