Friday, February 05, 2010

Short Pump, Virginia
Copperas Creek

The snow flag in front of the house works its magic. The day begins with snowfall, continues through the afternoon, but changes to rain this evening.

Daily Grind

The Jeep outside the Grind. The snow continues during the day. We stop in for coffee and find several friends. It's a good day to hunker down together. This is the third major storm we have had this year and the first I have been in town to enjoy. We play a little in the snow with the Jeep and look forward to the storm continuing overnight and through tomorrow.
Photographed with an Apple iPhone

Karn sports fur into the Grind. He calls it his brain surgery hat. His wife bought it for him after surgery left him shaved bald during a cold Virginia winter several years ago.

A group of friends gather to work on crafts at the Grind during the storm.


Bread disappears from the shelves at a local grocery store as residents stock up for another day of this winter storm.
Most photographed with a Leica M8

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