Sunday, March 01, 2009

Southwestern Photojournalism Conference

Fort Worth

More than 200 photographers from across the United States and several foreign countries gathered for the 2009 Southwestern Photojournalism Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, the past three days. Anita Baca and her daughter, Lucy, wait for friends after the closing session of the conference. They are from San Antonio, Texas.

Burleson, Texas

One of the traditions of the Southwestern is a final meal at Babe's Chicken in Burleson, Texas. Marc Kawanishi, left, of San Antonio and Louis DeLucca of the Dallas Morning News, celebrate the end of another conference in front of Babe's.

Whenever "The Hokie Pokie" is played over the loudspeakers at Babe's, wait staff gather in the aisles and dance.

Participants from the conference often join them.

The last event of the conference is a group photograph. This year it was staged along the railroad tracks in Burleson.

Natalie Miller is keeper of "The Chicken," symbol of the Southwestern from many years. It resides in her kitchen until the next conference is held in 2010.

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