Saturday, March 28, 2009

Short Pump

Ferris, rear, and Jenine, foreground, act as greeters at the Daily Grind.

Paul Steinberg, right, reviews images on a computer while his daughter Alyona, left, takes Wahokia's picture with her new Luminix camera.

Edna with her daughter's dog. Alyona Steinberg is going to draw the dog.

Carne with the new stain glass lamp he completed today. It features fine filegree in the dragonfly wings. He is also the artist who made the stain glass Daily  Grind sign.


Alison waiting to be seated for dinner at SuCasa Mexican restaurant. The popular eatery kept filling and emptying this evening as customers came and went.

Ferris, left, and Shawn Jarrar, right, clown after dinner at SuCasa.

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