Sunday, March 08, 2009

Short Pump

Jenine at the Daily Grind. It feels like a summer day with temperatures in the 80s.

Aubrey Stillwell at 11 weeks.


Margaret enjoying the day on the porch at Spring Arbor.

Matthew Banholzer, center, is enraptured with the children's sermon at Cambridge church.

Above and below: Cambridge youth make hand motions to a song during a weekend youth retreat at the church.

Kathryn Wesson sings a solo during morning worship services at Cambridge church.

Michael Banholzer searches for a verse in his Bible during morning worship service.

Adult members of Cambridge gather around and pray for their youth at the close of the weekend retreat.

Saturday, March 7

Short Pump

Jenine at the beginning of a beautiful Saturday. Spring may be a few weeks away, but it feels like it is already here.

Youth from Cambridge church went on a video scavenger hunt during a weekend retreat.

So many youth from the church came to the Daily Grind on the video hunt, Jenine holds up a sign banning videotaping as a joke.

Edna, a regular at the Grind, celebrated her 80th birthday this week.

With temperature near 80 degrees at Short Pump fountain, it seems inconceivable that it was only 10 degrees and snowing a few days ago.

Crimson Flow, a new Christian band, held a CD release party at the Grind Saturday evening. Wahokia did the photography for their first CD.

The road band of Crimson Flow.

Eric Haney, leader of Crimson Flow, supplies hot licks at the release party.

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