Sunday, March 29, 2009


Orville Jenkins, center with saxophone, joins the praise team at Cambridge church. A member of the church for a number of years, his saxophone playing has been missed. He has been in South Africa for the past three years.

Emily Childress, foreground, sings during the worship service.

Pastor Jay Smith and some of the deacons of Cambridge church gather around Kandra Brummett and pray for her. She will spend a week in a Peruvian village above 14,000 feet elevation teaching drug abuse counseling in a high school.

Children of the church listen to a children's sermon by Win Davis, pastor to youth and young adults.

Some ponder, others respond to the questions Davis asks.

A plaque cut and assembled in wood veneer by an orphan at Christ's Academy in Nairobi, Kenya, was hung in the church commons this week. Cambridge church helps support the school which works with children orphaned by the recent violence in Eastern Africa. An earlier posting on Oct. 1, 2008, shows the children and school.

Short Pump

Sadie rests in late afternoon light along Copperas Creek.


Stanley Leary said...

Wow this brings back a lot of memories of when I was a member back in the late 90's.

Allen Mitchell was there. Now he is a facebook friend and community continues.

Thanks for sharing.

Boyd Orville said...

Thanks for the Cambridge photos, Bill. It was very good to be in Cambridge and see you again recently. Orville