Monday, September 21, 2009

Duluth, Georgia

Rain continues today. This was taken about 2:30 in the afternoon. Flooding closed an interstate highway and six people died in the area as a result of the storm.

Tucked in a building away from the storm, officers of a communication professionals organization meet. At one point we are linked via the internet to six locations in three time zones. Stacy, above foreground, makes a point while Kelly, rear, keeps the live feed going.

Cam tossed a ball during the meeting while the storm continues outside. The building we are in closes early due to flooding and traffic in the area. Our agenda is pushed, but we cover everything on it.

Beaver Ruin

Geese fly over one of the flooded areas checking for a place among the expanding bodies of water where they can settle in.

Neighbors, above and below, watch Freeman Lake spill across its banks ...

... blocking one of the roads into their lakeside community and flooding basements.

The overflow for Freeman Lake is somewhere beneath the whorl pool, overwhelmed by all the water the lake has taken in over the past several days.

Mansukh Dhanani comes to view the swollen lake. He is overseeing construction of the white building in the background. When completed it will be a temple to the Hindu god Swaminarayan. "When water comes like this," he says, "maybe people remember God and pray.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8

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