Thursday, September 10, 2009

Richmond & Short Pump, Virginia

South Richmond

A chain link fence turns into public art under the hands of Melody Gulick. The painter and mixed media installation artist is using found materials to turn the fence surrounding the parking lot of Art Works in South Richmond into a tapestry of trees. It will take her about a month to complete the project using castoff materials like the plastic bags she is using today. "I walk down an alley and wonder why anyone would throw this stuff away?" she says.

Ralph Winter, center, producer of a number of Star Trek movies, the Wolverine series and dozens of other films talks with participants of a media conference at Art Works.

Short Pump

Rounding a curve near Lowe's off Pouncey Tract Road, I come across a pickup truck on fire. I arrive about the same time as the fire department. The image is made as I run toward the truck.

The driver makes it out without injury. Firemen put out the last of the flames.
Photographs taken with a Leica M8

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Price said...

I hope you go back and take a shot of the finished fence art.