Sunday, September 27, 2009

Short Pump & Brandermill, Virginia

Cambridge church

Danielle is escorted down the aisle for the children's sermon at Cambridge church.

Guitars and bass lined up for the young adult praise team at Cambridge church. Beginning next Sunday they will lead a 6:33 p.m. contemporary worship service each week.

The Cambridge bus is decorated with the names of the youth who will compete in an ultimate frisbee tournament this afternoon. They will win the team spirit award in their first outing.

Daily Grind

Jenine, left, with her mother Alison at the Daily Grind.

Copperas Creek

It is a night of grabs for Sadie, foreground. We call her the master of the grab. Here she samples Sam's coffee. Earlier she got BBQ chicken, a strawberry and a cookie. She is very fast.

Sadie,center, cleans Ferris', left, face while Alison, background, and Jenine, right, look on.


A portrait of me taken by my 3-year-old great niece Angel. She asked if she could take a picture so I showed her how to do it. Angel is a fast study and quickly began experimenting. I'm pleased with her first effort.
Photographs taken with a Canon 5D Mark II

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