Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Liam does a brownie
(I don't usually go in for sequences, but this one of my little buddy, Liam, is too much fun to pass on. He popped up on a chair next to me, and ... well, take a look.)

Anticipation ...

execution ...

celebration ....

... then he cleans up after himself ... not bad for a toddler.

Liam's sister, Harper McLean, gets to know members of the Cambridge church family...and she's not too sure about what she sees!

Lindsey Owen in the arms of John McKenzie. Lindsey and Harper were born a just days apart to moms who are the best of friends.


Dan, left, and Steve, right, negotiate budgets for the coming of the year during an all-day meeting.

Left to right: Matt, Dan and Mark share a joke during the meeting.

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