Saturday, April 18, 2009

Outdoor Evening Concert at the Daily Grind

A painter framed—Paul Steinberg replaces one  of his paintings before the concert scheduled for this evening at the Daily Grind.

Sadie trolls for people coming into the Grind while Sam and Dianne talk over breakfast. Sadie is certain everyone passing by wants to meet her.

Allison, right, enjoys breakfast with her father Sean, left, before shopping for patio furniture.

Jenine reclines on chairs and tables stacked, ready to be set up for the evening concert.

Brad Yoder, a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pa., was the featured performer for the outdoor concert this evening. He is a wandering folksinger traveling thousands of miles a year for concerts in coffee houses, colleges and universities, churches and other venues. He is a favorite with the regulars at the Grind and performs here two or three times a year.

Ivy and Eric, center rear, stop at the Grind to hear at least one song by Brad before attending their prom. Scott Lashinsky accompanied him on the mandolin for several songs.

Those who attended where treated to a balmy Spring evening and colorful sunset.

Sarah distributes candles to the tables as the sun goes down.

Scott, left, and Brad, right, end the concert well after dark with an audience participation number.

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