Monday, April 06, 2009

Busch Gardens

Wolves ... I couldn't resist a couple more images from yesterday. Note the dark hindquarters on Talia. She is nine years old and was black when she was born. With each passing year, she gets a little whiter — something with which many of us can relate.

What's a wolf without a howl? Talia obliges.


humanobserver said...

The second image was just superb.

I Shutter To Think said...

Dear Mr. Bangham,

It has come to our attention that you have exceeded your weekly quota of dog shots on your blog. Your attempts to "wolf down" additional canine shots with wild variations of the zoo variety, while interesting, still exceed the allowable standard. "Howl" you respond to this letter is up to you, but we still wanted to say "nice shot."

Wahokia said...

I "canine" let your remark about exceeding the quota of dog shots because its "scatological" nature. One has only the "scratch" the surface to "sniff" it out. Believe me, we know "scat" when we smell it. We are hoping you aren't serious and are just a "wag" "barking" in an attempt at humor unable to "kennel" your puns.

I Shutter To Think said...

HA! - I think you're "barking up the wrong tree". Your one "pawticular" comment indicates that you didn't understand what my initial comments "entailed." (grin) : )