Sunday, April 05, 2009

Busch Gardens

The Banghams and Jarrars celebrated Sam's birthday today at Busch Gardens. The popular theme park is located outside Williamsburg.

Ferris, left, and Jenine, right, learn a new form of timeout.

Dancers in the Irish section of the park put on one of the best performances of the day.

Their performance included Irish ballads as well as dancing...

...and smoke that reminded viewers of mist on the moors.

Jennifer, a bird trainer in the park, displays a Griffen, Ferruginous Hawk. They are from western habitats and often confused with eagles because of their size.

Left to right: Jenine, Alison and Ferris stroke the soft nose of one of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Shawn found a friend in the Aviary. A Kookaburra settled on his shoulder and refused to leave.

Sarah, a trainer, works with one of the wolves who reside at the park. Rather than leap the barriers, the alpha female decided to crawl under them.

One of the other wolves confronts the audience.

Jenine among tulips now in bloom at the park.

Oscar the Grouch leaves the park.

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