Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cambridge Church

Left to Right: Jett McLean, Matthew Banholser and Christopher Owen react to the children's sermon.

Jay Smith, pastor at Cambridge church, leads the congregation during Sunday service.

Short Pump
BARK dog adoption

One of the BARK dogs, Shy Bob, waits outside a pet store for someone to adopt him. He was born to a ferrel mother and earned his name by being a bit mistrusting in new situations until he gets to know them.

Sam Jarrar bonds with Angel, one of a pair of two year old Schnauzers he and Alison adopted from BARK today. 

Angel, foreground, and her brother, Diablo, have been together since birth. They keep track of each other, one checking where the other is at all times.

The newest members of the Jarrar family settle in with their new family.

More of the azaleas in bloom on Copperas Creek.

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