Saturday, April 11, 2009

Short Pump

Good friends Bill, above, and Nancy, below, Lively from Annapolis spent two nights and day with us, We have known them for 40 years.

Cold Harbor

National Park ranger Nathan Bullard demonstrates the maneuvers of Grant and Lee during the Cold Harbor campaign at the end of the American Civil War. More Americans were killed, wounded or captured during this campaign than were lost 80 years later during the Normandy invasion of World War II.

Some of the best preserved trenches from the American Civil War are preserved at Cold Harbor. Union troops attacked from exposed positions trying to take this Confederate position. The battle and the use of trenches set the stage for the practice of warfare over the next 50 years.

Short Pump

Sadie, our dish washer at work.

Tobie and Dianne — reflections between a dog and his person.

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Marie said...

Maggie is a dish washer too! It's her job, how she earns her keep. Ha!