Monday, July 27, 2009

Chicago, Illinois & Richmond, Virginia


In Chicago to help plan a professional conference. When planning a professional conference one needs to do research. Right? Part of planning is to make decisions so that participants aren't disappointed. I think we've got Deep Dish Chicago Pizza down. Other elements of the event are still a little shaky.

Jennifer, our leader, who lacks neither enthusiasm nor expression ...

... Margaret, champion of the deep dish ...

... Cam, chief tester ... sated and satisfied ...

... and Julie ... Julie and I have history. We are known for getting in trouble ... not bad trouble ... just trouble ....

One of those inexplicable signs: Will people really pay $8.00 for rocks? Well, maybe after they've had enough of the other stuff.

Kaitlin — Julie's daughter — with the new stuffed animal she discovered while knocking around Chicago with her dad. She told me what it is. For the life of me I can't remember, or figure it out by looking at it.

Chicago is home to some incredible architecture. Just west of the city is Oak Grove, the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Downtown are beautiful examples like this detail from the former Jewish Synagogue that now houses Bloomingdales ...

... and churches various European emigrants raised to remind themselves of home.

Somewhere over the Midwest

Sunset reflects off the wing of the plane as it heads east to Richmond.

A happy fellow traveler arrives in Richmond.
All photos taken with a Leica M8

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