Sunday, July 19, 2009

Houston, Texas

This morning we are at a Deaf church with Miss Lillian, center. She is surrounded by friends greeting her. Many are leaders she nurtured and mentored. See yesterday's post for context.*

Three members just returned from Ukraine where they worked with Deaf children in camps and churches. One excitedly tells about their experiences. While different countries have different signs for objects, there is a commonality of basic expression. A Deaf person from one country can immediately understand one from another country and build on that base for more complex conversations. Sign is their heart language and they form a people group of different races and nationalities across the globe that share a common culture.**

Vesta spoke during the service, telling about the status of Deaf work across the world and the need for more volunteers from the Deaf community to become involved.**

One member of the congregation is both deaf and blind. Church members take turns interpreting for her. She sees the signs by holding their hands as they move through the motions of the language.*

The church greets a new member at the end of the morning worship service.*

One final frame of Vesta, left, and Lillian, right.*

* Photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark II
** Photos taken with a Leica M8

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Anonymous said...

One picture just led to another and another and another - a visual journey where words were not needed! I am hooked on FATHER OF CLICK! -- Vesta PS thanks for seeing what I feel