Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia
Copperas Creek

Sadie is exhausted from three days at Doggie Day Care. We're having new flooring laid and it is better for her to go to day care than be under foot. I'm told she plays hard there, that it's always a full day of run, bump, bite, bark and growl. She often curls on the back seat of the Jeep and sleeps all the way home. This evening it's her favorite red chair. She refuses to go to bed, preferring to wait for me even though she's tired.

Detail of sunrise reflecting off books onto a wall. (See yesterday.) Dianne wonders if it is a ghost, or ... ghost writing ... ghost scribbles ... ghost doodles ... ghost graffiti ... ghost art?


Stanley Leary said...

Thomas Jefferson's signature still going on years later.

Wahokia said...

Well ... Jefferson did ride his horse down to Williamsburg on a road just over the hill from here ... and before that went to school on a plantation just west of here. The old schoolhouse is still standing and Jefferson scratched his name in the glass of one the windows.