Sunday, July 26, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia & Chicago, Illinois

Short Pump

Harriet, foreground, and Eugene, at the piano, collaborate on a musical presentation at Cambridge church. The church is fortunate to have two such fine musicians who have the ability to bring depth and emotion to their work.*

Chad with his daughter Aubrey during lunch at the Daily Grind. She is exceeding curious, staring intently at everyone in the cafe. "She's just nosey," says her father. "I thought nosey was a rural Alabama trait, but now I find it's genetic."*


Stewie deplanes at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The stuffed rendition of the cartoon character is on his way to a new home after being won at a Virginia amusement park.**

A jet slips beneath clouds on approach to O'Hare field at sunset.*

I was first exposed to and learned to love the paintings of the French Impressionists more than 40 years ago at the Art Institute of Chicago. I have since gone out of my way to view originals in several countries. This is a small tribute to them — the skyline of Chicago at dusk.*

Michigan Avenue from my room at the Downtown Marriott Magnificent Mile hotel.*
*Photo taken with a Leica M8
** Photo taken with an iPhone camera

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