Monday, July 20, 2009

Spring, Texas & Travel to Richmond


Doug Morgan, at counter, just opened a new Dunn Bros Coffee Shop a few weeks ago. This is the third he has opened in the Houston area. Dunn Bros is a franchise out of Minneapolis-St. Paul known for roasting fresh beans in their stores. Doug is preparing to begin the day's roast. He will spend four hours on it today.

Bags of raw beans from different countries ready for roasting line the wall.

Doug stirs beans as they spill from the roaster. This batch is an espresso blend. He roasts every day and will begin selling the beans he roasts today three days from now. The beans degas from the roasting process over a period of three weeks. He won't sell any beans before they are ready or over nine days old. After that time all the gas from inside the beans has escaped and oxygen is replacing it and beginning to degrade them.

Travel to Richmond

Storm clouds over the Gulf Coast. We are passing over the salt marshes around the Mississippi River Delta. It is a disappearing landscape. Erosion of this wetland treasure is happening at an astonishing rate.

It is faint, but the Mississippi River can be seen through the clouds and haze.

Sunset on final approach over Atlanta.
Photos taken with a Leica M8

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Dunn Bros Coffee Houston said...

Concerning the Dunn Bros Coffee insert:

I just read your blog ( ) and there are a few things I would like to clarify.

1. We sell fresh roasted whole beans right after they are roasted.

2. We don’t sell any whole bean that was roasted more than 3 days ago. Hence, one of our tag lines, “Here today, gone the day after tomorrow”.

3. Peak freshness for a whole bean is 6 to 9 days after roasting. That is, the beans are still degassing up to 9 days after roasting. After that time, oxygen begins degrading the freshness.
So, we suggest to our customers that they buy only what they need for a week and they will always be using extremely fresh coffee.