Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gayton, Short Pump & Richmond, Virginia


Here I am under a lead blanket, film carrier clinched between my teeth, X-ray machine buzzing in my ear, taking self-portraits during a semi-annual dental checkup.

Henry Stewart has been my friend and dentist for a long time. He gets something of a kick today out of my holding the camera at arm's length, shooting blind. Henry likes to create games and sees this as something of a game. He shares several ideas for games incorporating photography. By the way, it was a good checkup.

Short Pump

Edna, foreground, and Trevor, right, late in the afternoon at the Daily Grind. It's been a good day for both. Trevor's business is taking off. People may not be clamoring for his web design yet, but he's busy and can see the end of his first full week of work. Edna has been plagued for several days with a clogged kitchen drain. Sam, owner of the Grind, showed up unexpectedly at her house today and fixed it. She was contemplating washing greens in the dishwasher.


An improbable image taken at a meeting ... 'nuf said ....

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