Friday, July 03, 2009

Short Pump & Richmond, Virginia

Short Pump
Copperas Creek

Wahokia, rear, re-injured a back muscle and spends a couple of hours on a heating pad this afternoon. Toby, front left, and Sadie, right, quickly scramble up next to him. We call them healer dogs. Whenever someone is sick or injured the dogs nestle against them.
— Guest Blogger Dianne Bangham

West End
Jenine scores on Skittles this evening. Nic, owner of SuCasa, gave her five quarters, a large cup to catch her prize, and pointed her toward the dispenser.

"And how many Skittles did you eat?" asks Jenine's father Sam. The answer is on her face.

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humanobserver said...

Oh get well soon sir. My best wishes are with you.