Saturday, May 23, 2009

It is a beautiful cool, morning in Short Pump. Left to right: Edna, Linda, Trevor, Jenine, Dianne and Alison gather for breakfast at the Daily Grind.

Jenine holds an imaginary conversation on her cell phone, pacing the parking lot, putting one finger in the air and saying, "Just a minute," when someone interrupts her.

Trevor, right, helps Edna understand the workings of her computer. She is a fast study and he soon has her surfing the internet.

Samantha, the resident duck at the Daily Grind, now has a man in her life. Edna named him Dudley D. Duck after a mallard she and her husband once raised in a dresser drawer by incubating the egg with a lightbulb. The original Dudley imprinted so strongly on Edna's husband that the duck would fly above his car when he drove to the school where he taught in the morning and home with him at the end of the day. This Dudley usually comes in the evening with Samantha. Today he showed up early by himself and only stayed a short while.

Dianne waiting at our local movie theater for Night in the Museum to begin. Our grandson Max drew the duck on her shirt, his father Brian designed it.

Jenine at the end of the day. She is like an energizer bunny — it takes a long time, but when the battery runs down, that's it.

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