Sunday, May 03, 2009

Max's eighth birthday was a two-day event — friends the first night for a sleepover  and family the second night.

Max counting down the hours until his friends arrive and the party begins.

Ben arrives and the party is underway.

Homemade pizza for dinner, a trip to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream followed by a Star Wars movie and bed is the agenda for the evening. Max, center, gets the first selection while Ben, right, peers over the counter, tries to select his two scoops and two toppings.

Five — on left, so nicknamed because he is the fifth generation in his family to carry the name Robert — James, center, and Max, right, work over their cones. Inexplicably, James doesn't have a drip of ice cream on him, while Five and Max are smeared with it.

Four boys for a sleepover is an interesting experience — down late, up early. Sunday morning breakfast was a parade of waffles. The boys wolfed them down as fast as they were cooked, until there were no more to be had.

Sunday evening family time and Max's cousin Lily, right, defeats her granmother Beverly, left, and mother Amy, center, in a game of Old Maid. 

At last the cake with candles and a Pokeman symbol decorating the top.

Max, foreground right, opens presents while closely observed by his cousin Forrest, foreground left.

Their have been complaints that no dogs have been posted to this blog for more than a week. For those who have missed them, here is one of Max's dog Chi Chi.

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