Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Grind
Hulabaloos Concert

It was nip and tuck for the first outdoor concert of the season at the Daily Grind. Just as tables and chairs were being set up an early evening thunderstorm dropped a half inch of rain in a matter of moments. The concert almost moved inside, but the band and Sam Jarrar — owner of the popular coffee shop and cafe — decided to chance that the promise of rain had passed on by.

A good crowd gathered in spite of the weather. Molly Ann enjoyed keeping time to the singing of ...
... Harry Gore and Rolfe Trimble.

The Hulabaloos are, left to right, Dave Olenyik (bass and vocals), Harry Gore (guitar and vocals), Jerry Ferguson (drums), Rolfe Trimble (lead singer) and Roger Koller (keyboards, guitar and vocals).

The crowd stayed into the late evening in spite of a continuing threat of rain.

The concert ended two songs early when rain once again made good on its promise. The audience pitched in to quickly move instruments and delicate electronics inside.

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